"Hey, if you're down today you can have a little bit of my sunshine. WISHA WISHA!
But one day, you won't need the sunshine, you'll be the sunshine. I love you." -Gilly Shine on TikTok

Gilly the Sunshine Wizard

Crowdfunding Campaign

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(answers to frequently asked questions)
A photograph of the front and back of the metal wizard coin with soft enamel plating. 

This circular wizard coin has a recessed black ring around the edge with an antique gold colored thin line on either side of the black filled in ring. Inside the black ring on the top in arched gold colored text  are the words: 'BE THE SUNSHINE'. In the inner circle of this side of the coin is an uppercase letter G that is yellow like the sun. The sunny G has 10 brigthly colored squiggly sun rays around it. The squiggly sun ray colors include red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, pink, brown and black with a slightly embossed golden outline around it. There are also two gold sparkles in the recessed black ring that circles this side of the coin. They are positioned in the horizontal center of the outer circle in between the arched text on the top and the arched gold colored text on the bottom that reads “YOU ARE SUNSHINE”

The wizard coin is resting on a massive plush tomato that is wrapped like Saturn's rings around a massive plush burger bun. The wizard coin is crafted from soft enamel and has a 3D embossed and recessed type texture. The color of the wizard coin is similar to an antique gold hue. The size of the wizard coin is 1.75 inches in diameter. The coin weighs 1.1 ounces (32 grams)

photograph of WIZARD COIN side A:

In the center of the coin is an illustration of Gilly Shine (they/them). They are wearing a purple wizard hat, a yellow shirt and coral colored overalls. Curved around the top arch of the coin is the incantation 'WISHA WISHA!' and curved along the bottom of the coin is the affirmation: 'YOU ARE SUNSHINE'. Below the illustration is a a slightly raised rectangle box and a unique four digit sequential number is laser engraved inside the box. The number on this coin reads: 0005.

The wizard coin is resting on a massive plush tomato that is wrapped like Saturn's rings around a massive plush burger bun. The wizard coin is crafted from soft enamel and has a 3D embossed and recessed type texture. The color of the wizard coin is similar to an antique gold hue. The size of the wizard coin is 1.75 inches in diameter. The coin weighs 1.1 ounces (32 grams)
magic level: 320 out of 5555




Yes, that’s right! You can directly support my dreams of going where y’all are and shining with you! I want to make people smile full time in as many places as want to meet me!


Your Wizard Coin purchase directly supports me and my family, and I really appreciate you for it.




Yes, it’s a physical coin you can have and hold and cherish ESPECIALLY ON SUNDAYS! Or really any time you want to take a moment to acknowledge your brilliance and whimsy in this world made ever more magical by your presence!


I’ve stolen a number of glimmering, glittering, and glinting golden Wizard Coins from the gods and I’ll be selling them to you as part of a truly magical deal!


You should buy these one of a kind (Conjuring these Coins more than once would most certainly tear the cosmos asunder.) Wizard Coins (manufactured by the magical folx at Wizardpins) if any of the following sounds cool:


  1. 31% of the net proceeds* from this cosmic coin campaign will be donated to Weld County Food Bank to feed hungry folx in my home, Greeley Colorado!

  2. My goal is to sell eighty bamillion fafillion Wizard Coins but I have begrudgingly accepted the “more realistic” goal of 5555 of them baddies. We priced these coins with affordability and access in mind so that more people could have a lil extra sunshine in their day! Listen times is hard. You can’t be spending the suggested retail price of $868 million for one of these.

    So I’m gonna cut you a deal and do this using the Bumpsale method. The first person pays $1 SHIPPED (US SHIPPING ONLY) and then the number on the button will automatically change and the second pays $1.01 and then the button automagically changes again and the third pays $1.03 until we reach our goal of 5555 Wizard Coins summoned! Get after it! The last person pays only $55.55 for their own lil piece of Wizard Coin History!

    The earlier you buy, the less you'll pay. The price you see on the Buy Now button above is the current price.

  3. All Blessed Wizard Coin Holders will receive an ultra rare, individually numbered physical challenge coin magical artifact created once by humanity’s hubris and never again! Access will also be granted to the Cosmic Coinholders Convocation: a private Discord community filled with magical loving folx just like yourself! A voice in Shining Chorus!

  4. If you want to support my dream of doing what I love full time and shining around the cosmos, please buy a Wizard Coin. Thank you so much for believing in me and for being here and being yourself!

  5. May this light your path, I cast this spell of sunshine! Wisha Wisha I love you!
A photo of Gilly holding a shiny wizard coin that says BE THE SUNSHINE - YOU ARE SUNSHINE

Get Your Very Own Wizard Coin!

Gilly the Sunshine Wizard G Rainbow Logo


Material: Iron or Zinc Alloy with Soft Enamel Plating

Color: Antique Gold-ish Hue

Size:  1.75 Inches in Diameter


Weight: 1.1 Ounces (32 grams)

Top Incantation Text: BE THE SUNSHINE

Bottom Incantation Text: YOU ARE SUNSHINE


Interior Decoration: An upper case suny yellow letter G in a circle surrounded by 10 differently colored squiggly rainbow sun rays.


Custom Ability: It's shiny!!!


Gilly the Sunshine Wizard G Rainbow Logo


Material: Iron or Zinc Alloy with Soft Enamel Plating

Color: Antique Gold-ish Hue

Size:  1.75 Inches in Diameter


Weight: 1.1 Ounces (32 grams)

Top Spell Text: WISHA WISHA!

Bottom Spell Text: YOU ARE LOVED

Interior Decoration: A custom illustration of MY FACE YALL! drawn by Taylor of taydrewit.com. I'm wearing a purple wizard hat, a yellow shirt and coral colored overalls.


Custom Ability: Unique 4 digit sequential number laser engraved on the surface

Gilly the Sunshine Wizard G Rainbow Logo


No two coins are alike!


(because they each have a unique sequential number engraved on them)

Get yours!

Gilly the Sunshine Wizard G Rainbow Logo


For those days when you're feeling like the sunshine, this side is for you.


Bask in the warmth of the squiggly rainbow sun rays!



What a lovely memento. Why wait until Sunday? Nay, I shall cherish it all days!


Seriously. That's my face. On a coin.


Bro. My art is on a real life coin. You should totally commission me to draw you too.

Don’t miss out on my Wizard adventures!

Thank You, we'll be in touch soon.

Caption: Weld Food Bank goes where the hunger is! Check out their page if you'd like to volunteer or donate! I'm so proud to live in Greeley, Colorado! As for me and my city, we shine! [Video Description] Gilly (they/them) jingles coins in their hand and announces their presence. They are wearing a cream colored sweater with rainbow lips and very comfortable red britches. Weston (He/Him) talks about the Weld Food Bank and the amazing services they provide to food insecure people and families. The two very cool people speak together in unison "Feeding people is rad!" Together, they cast a spell with their hands to raise awareness and battle food insecurity wherever it lurks. They high five and everyone smiles. Good day. Cc:✨Coins✨ Um, hey y'all! I'm at the Weld County Food Bank. Hey everybody, it's actually Weld Food Bank. Uh, but we're just talking a little bit. Taking about forty seconds of your time to just bring some awareness to hunger in our community. Especially this time of year, as it gets colder and hunger becomes more of an issue for a lot of our families. The work that we day goes a long way to make sure these folks are fed. Hunger is something that we sometimes don't always understand or experience. We all wake up hungry, but a lot of us have a way to alleviate that hunger. We've got food in the fridge. We've got food in the cupboard. But there's a lot of people in Weld County who don't have that freedom. So through our eight direct service programs and our nonprofit agency partners, we make sure that people are fed, but we can't do it without our amazing community stepping alongside of us and helping us do that work day in and day out. Feeding people is rad! ✨Wisha Wisha✨ We love you! That was so good. Thank you so much! Alright!

♬ original sound - Gilly_Shine

Frequently Ask Questions
(and the answers who love them)

Wait. So you're really going to ship me a coin once I buy?Yes! The price you see above includes one wizard coin shipped to your United States mailing address. Please double triple check your address to make sure it's correct when ordering using the handy dandy button above.

But like how though? $1 seems mighty inexpensive.Magic! But seriously, that's what makes the Bumpsale method so cool. It's based on the principle that if everyone pitches in a little, we can accomplish a lot.

By automatically incrementing the pricing after each sale, it allows for more of the community to support a project at whatever level they're comfortable. 

And through the power of Bumpsale's dynamic pricing button, I can get paid for cumulatively each price increment which really starts to adds up the more folx get involved.

When we reach our goal of 5555 coins, the gross amount raised will be $159,817.35!

Since part of the money is going to a non-profit, is this one of those tax deductible things?Alas, even though I'll be donting 31% of the net proceeds from this campaign to Weld Food Bank, since this is my technically my own crowdfunding campaign to help support my family, this would not be a non-profit tax deductible purchase.

Your support will still make a huge impact to myself, my family and the people of Greeley, CO (and everyone who contributes gets a one of a kind wizard coin!)

How long will it take for my Wizard Coin to arrive? I would like to start cherishing as soon as possible.OK. Love the enthusiam. I'll be packing and shipping out all the orders myself so I appreciate your patience in advance.To make things easier to manage, I'll be gathering up the orders and mailing them out via USPS First Class Mail every Monday starting December 4th.

The Post Office says packages take 1-5 business days to get to their US based destination.

Depending on how fast you order, first 1000 or so supporters of this campaign should receive their orders by the last week in December.

The rest of the Wizard Coins will be shipped once manufacturing is completed.

Pssst. Hey. Can I buy more than one #wizardcoin?Wow, it warms my wizard heart to know you want more coins with my face on them! To keep things as fair as possible, the Bumpsale button allows for one purchase at a time, but you can definitely head back to gillyshine.com after you order and place another separate order.

I'd love to support this campaign! Can I buy a Wizard Coin if I live outside the United States?First off, thank you for wanting to support! Unforunately, we can't ship these coins internationally and still keep them super affordable. International shipping costs, taxes and customs start to add up and get complicated for a project like this.

OK, but I saw one of those asterix* things up there. What's the fine print?I'll have you know this is 27 point print. But to address the asterix in the room, "net proceeds" means the total amount we raise, minus the costs involved.

For example, if/when I sell all 5555 wizard coins in this campaign, the total the gross amount raised will be about $159,817.35! I then have to subtract the costs to accept payments, minus the costs to produce the magical wizard coins, minus the costs to ship them to your doorstep.

Once the unavoidable fees are paid, then I'll donate 31% of what's left to Weld County Food Bank. If all the stars align, I'm estimating we'll be able to make a donation of over $30,000 to help local families facing food insecurity!

I'm Sold! But can I pick what sequential number I get?Sorry, logistically speaking it just wouldn't work out. With 1000's of coins to sift through, trying to find the number needle in the cosmic coin haystack would slow down delivery to everyone else.

Each order contains one randomly selected sequentially numbered wizard coin.

So this Wizard Coin I keep hearing about, can I buy things with it?Although Wizard Coins hold no monetary value and cannot be used as legal tender, the magic they'll help to create will bring is priceless.

@gilly_shine Caption: Did you notice how the nine utterances? #wizardcoin ♬ original sound - Gilly_Shine

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